How To Give A Shoulder Massage

Learning how to give a shoulder massage is easy. Giving a good shoulder massage is all about focusing on the areas that carry the most stress. A trained hand can actually feel the knotted up areas of the shoulders that need to be thoroughly massaged out. Well, you’re going to learn how to notice those tight areas, which will in turn, show you how to give a great shoulder massage. The proper hand movements and basic technique will draw in women from all around. They’ll want you to put your hands all over their shoulders. Or maybe other places, if you’re lucky. Here’s how to give a great shoulder massage. Get out the baby oil.

What you need to give a shoulder massage:

  • baby oil.
  1.  Beginning prep. First things first. Before you put your hands on her shoulders, you need to get them nice and oiled up. Rub some baby oil on your palms until they begin to heat up. Now, have your subject get comfortable. Sitting back in a chair, or laying stomach down are the most comfortable positions. They’re also the easiest positions to get to the shoulders.
  2. Examine her shoulders. Rub your hands from her upper arms to the base of her neck; right where it meets her lower back. This is your canvas. You’re going to create a work of art on her shoulders. Press into her muscles. You should be able to feel the tight areas. They tighter areas will literally feel tough. Almost as if her muscles are wrestling for space.
  3. Getting started. Position yourself behind your subject. Firmly grip her shoulders right where they meet her neck, on both sides. Press your thumbs into her upper back. Squeeze her shoulders and release. She’ll immediately feel a slight release of tension. Now take your thumbs, and in a rotary motion, rub the base of her neck right where the shoulders and upper back meet. Be firm, but don’t hurt her. Continue squeezing her shoulders as well as digging into her back with your thumbs. Don’t be stingy. Give her a liberal dose of shoulder massaging.
  4. Spreading. After you’ve hit her center shoulder area for a while, you’re going to progress down both shoulders towards the upper arms. Continue the squeezing and your thumb action until you reach the upper arms. You can even work your way back towards the neck. The purpose of this technique is to really loosen those shoulders up.
  5. Focus. Now, you’re going to focus on one side at a time. Have her lean her head to one side. This will expose the opposite side. Well guess what? You’re going to work out that exposed shoulder with both hands and thumbs. Try pressing your thumb into her shoulder and running it along the length of her shoulder. Use alternating massaging moves to loosen her up. Rub out her upper arms as well. Wash, rinse and repeat on the other shoulder as well.
  6. The knots. If you feel knots in her shoulders then you need to be very firm in loosening those things out. Be very forceful. It may be slightly painful for her, but the relief she’ll feel afterwards will trump any immediate pain. Tell her to relax, even through the pain. And, get in there and loosen her up.   
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