How To Give A Swedish Back Massage

Knowing how to give a Swedish back massage can get you on someone's sweet side.  Swedish back massages are one of the most common back massages and are pretty easy to learn how to do.   Not only are they easy, but they feel amazing to the person getting it. Swedish massages are given to release toxins from the muscles and is done so by different massaging techniques.  Here are some steps on how to give a Swedish back massage:

  1. You'll want to find some aromatic massage oils and heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds (make sure they aren't too hot before applying them).  Aroma therapy not only relaxes the mind, but it relaxes the body as well.
  2. Apply the aroma therapy oils by rubbing it through your hands and then rubbing it on the area of the back you will massage first.
  3. Effleurage is the first Swedish massage technique to start with.  The technique involves, gliding strokes with the thumbs, fingertips and palms starting from the shoulders and moving down to the small of the back.
  4. Start adding in kneading motions in a circular direction.  You can again start from the shoulders and work your way down to the lower back.  These kneading motions are called "petrissage motions."
  5. Try using some vibrating motions which consist of continuous taps on the back with the side of your palm clenched in a fist.  Be aware of the pressure to make sure you aren't do this technique to hard.
  6. Friction motions are also a great technique, they warm the back, the oils and loosen the muscles.
  7. You can then end the Swedish massage with lighter strokes leaving the the person receiving the massage, relaxed soothed and possibly asleep!
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