How To Give A Tantric Sensual Massage

Knowing how to give a tantric sensual massage involves understanding the idea of "kundalini," or sexual energy. Focusing less on specific sexual acts to spend more time on sensuality, many couples find tantric massage to be a way they can connect on a deeper level.

  1. Talk to your partner. Tantric massage requires a stable, trusting relationship to work properly. Since the essence of a tantric massage is to let your partner focus entirely on the sensation of being touched, it’s essential that you are both eager and willing.
  2.  Create atmosphere. Because tantric massage is all about relaxation and being present in your body, you need to find a place that feels safe and comfortable to both you and your partner. Think about lighting, music or other background noise, smells, temperature and comfort when picking your massage spot. Having something to drink on hand and lighting some candles also adds to the mood of relaxation.
  3. Begin the massage. Have your lover start by lying on her stomach. To begin with, simply touch your lover all over with gentle, slow touch. Focus your mind on the sensation of touch and breathe deeply and rhythmically. Refrain from talking to your partner and don’t avoid areas like your lover’s genitals, breasts and inner thighs. Touch these areas as you touch the rest of her: gently, lovingly, and sensually.
  4. As the masseuse. Tantric massage requires very little from those involved: just emotional presence and a willingness to touch and be touched. As the masseuse, simply touch your lover in ways that are sensual for you.
  5. For your lover. Your lover should be relaxed, breathing deeply and simply feeling the touch she is receiving. Not thinking about whether you are massaging the right places will let you relax into what you’re doing and open you up to share kundalini energy with your partner.
  6. Switching sides. When you are done with the back massage, ask your partner to flip onto her back. Take a moment to drink some water and breathe together. To massage your lover’s front side, begin with her breasts and massage her entire body. If your lover is comfortable with it, you can massage her vulva, but save it for last so you can be sure her body is ready for this intimate touch.
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