How To Give A Tantric Sex Massage

Learning how to give a tantric sex massage means that you must become more of a giver than a taker. Tantric sex by its very nature is more about connecting mentally with your partner, rather than the physical sex act. A tantric sex massage is no different – it's really about connecting body, mind, and soul rather than just slopping some hot oil on your partner and kneading away.

To give a tantric sex massage, you will need:

  • Massage oil
  • A bath towel to protect your massage surface
  • Soft music 
  • A partner you love
  1. Place the bottle of massage oil in a bowl of hot water. Warming the massage oil will give her a delicious release as you apply it to her naked skin.
  2. The best tantric sex massage is done very slowly and there's lots of teasing. Start by having your lover lie on her stomach on the bath towel and apply massage oil to your palm. Rub your palms vigorously together to further heat the oil and then apply to her shoulders. Kneed her shoulders lightly and increase the tension as you lean over her. Pressing your penis into the small of her back will get her further into the tantric massage. 
  3. Massage her back and pay particular attention to the area right under her butt and her butt crack. Run your fingers up and down her butt crack but go not further unless she lets you know it's ok to insert a finger or two into her anus.
  4. After you massage her back, have her turn over so you can continue the tantric sex massage on her front side. Spend a few moments looking deeply into her eyes and giving her a long french kiss before you oil her breasts. Pay attention to the sensitive area under her breasts and running a tongue over her nipples will further excite her. Work your hands down her body and massage the top of her thighs and her vaginal area. Insert a finger or two slowly into her vagina. If you touch yourself as you do this, you just might find that the tantric sex massage is about to lead to a very hot sex session.


  • Start your tantric sex massage by letting your partner know that there is nothing needed in return. Taking the pressure off of her to give back will make her willingly want to please you right back so the following sex will be mind blowing, or, well, tantric….
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