How To Give An Thai Erotic Massage

There are many benefits in learning how to give a Thai erotic massage. Additionally, Thai massages are particularly known for their functionality in relieving stress and helping to loosen knotted muscles. So whether you opt to utilize an erotic Thai massage to help jump-start some foreplay, or simply to help relax your partner after a tough day at the office, these massages can be an extremely fantastic tool to incorporate into any kind of special occasion. This article outlines some of the popular guidelines that should be implemented into a successful erotic Thai massage.

  1. Tease sporadically. One important aspect of performing a Thai erotic massage is the element of teasing. Incorporate sporadic teasing into the massage, helping to keep your partner's interest in sex prevalent. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including but not limited to running your fingers along areas of the body that tend to stimulate sexual tension or gently kissing areas of the body such as the neck or ears.
  2. Know what pressure points do what. In learning to give a Thai erotic massage, it is important to know specific pressure points located on the body that contribute to inducing relaxation. This is a pivotal aspect of the relaxation side of an erotic Thai massage; focus particularly on learning points within the back, as that is where a large portion of stress is carried and most knotted muscles will persist.
  3. Incorporate different parts of your body into the massage. When performing an Thai erotic massage, use different areas of your body to help delegate specific amounts of pressure as needed, particularly by using the elbow and forearms. This helps offer a more efficient balance of pressure while working on areas that are particularly tightened up, usually in the back. Additionally, using more sensual areas of the body, particularly if women are giving the massage, can help add to the erotic element.
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