How To Give A Very Hot Massage

Knowing how to give a very hot massage is a great way to get your partner in the mood in a subtle manner. Whether a man is tired and sore after a rough day at work, and his woman is looking to get a little action, or a man is simply trying to get his woman in the mood, a hot massage is the perfect way to rekindle the sex drive and poses as an easy transition into sex. This article outlines basic techniques that should not be neglected in performing a hot massage.

  1. Start out normally. In giving a very hot massage, start out as you would with any normal massage. Use your hands and fingertips to gently explore your partner's back and shoulders while simultaneously massaging gently. This will help get the sensation going as well as heighten curiosity.
  2. Begin exploring the body. As the massage commences, start moving to other areas of your partner's body aside from the shoulders and back. Areas such as the legs and arms are exceptionally good areas to start moving to; adding in a few creeps to the inner thighs for example are the perfect way to go.
  3. Incorporate kissing. As it is becoming obvious she is realizing this is more than just a typical massage, start gently kissing parts of her body. If she is seated in front of you, gently kiss the back of her neck and move down; if she is laying down, there are plenty of options to get creative with. Ensure you continue massaging as the kissing begins, you want to keep the relaxation and pleasurable sensations going.
  4. Transition into oral sex. In learning how to give a very hot massage, one important step involves a transition from the actual massage into something else. Generally, as things begin to heat up, there will be less emphasis on the massaging aspect and more of an emphasis on groping and fondling; as such, take control and move down to between her legs. Ending a tantalizing massage with mind blowing oral sex will make her weak in the knees for days to come.
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