How To Give A Water Foot Massage

The feet are the one part of the body that takes the most abuse, so here’s how to give a water foot massage. You may not realize how truly important the feet are until you have neglected to take care of them; you surely can’t get around on your hands and knees. Before you damage your feet, learn to pamper them. You only have one pair. Treat them to a foot a massage once in a while. They definitely will thank you by getting you where you need to be.

What you will need for water foot massage:

  • Pail of warm water
  • Foot soak
  • Comfortable chair
  • Moisturizer
  1. It won’t hurt to have a calming atmosphere. Dim the lights and light a few candles. Make sure to use a comfortable chair, soothing music or nature sounds. All these things will just make the person relax and enjoy the foot massage you are going to give them a lot more.

  2. Soak those tired feet in some warm water, before starting the massage. A simple pail of warm water, half full, will do the trick. Add some foot soak, Epsom salt or a type of foot remedy the lucky person of this water foot massage likes. It will help to soften and relax those aching feet.

  3. Allow the feet to soak for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Now, it’s time for a little physical interaction. While the feet are still submerged in the water, begin to massage one at a time (if water has turned a little cold, you can add a bit more of warm water). Pay special attention to the heel and sole of the foot. Those are the parts of the foot that take the worse beating. Water is very therapeutic, and applying pressure to the bottom of the foot with your thumbs will help stimulate the nerves and relieve stress. Start by massaging and kneading the sole of the foot and continue to work your way down until you get to the heel of the foot. Work your way back up the foot and massage each individual toe gently along with the sides of the foot. Set that foot back in the water and move on to the other foot.

  4. Remove the feet from the water and dry thoroughly. As an added and special treat for this very deserving person, once you have dried the feet, massage a little moisturizer or some warm baby oil on to the feet. Don’t be surprised that by the time you are done with the foot massage, she has fallen asleep. Don’t take offense to that. That will just prove what an excellent and invigorating massage you just gave.




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