How To Give A Woman Pleasure By Grabbing Her Butt

If you’re not a boob guy, you probably want to know exactly how to give a woman pleasure by grabbing her butt. It’s natural for guys to be attracted to a woman’s rear, but society rarely demonstrates how a man can best pleasure a woman from this perspective. Here are some tips you can use during foreplay and sex to keep your lady hot.

  1. Talk to Her. The simplest way to find out what your woman likes is to ask her. Most women enjoy masturbation and fantasizing so don’t be surprised if, when you bring it up, your lady already has some idea what she wants. If she’s hesitant, assure her you won’t do anything she’s not comfortable with and then discuss what she thinks might feel good. Be willing to experiment together!
  2. Grab it. While on the street a quick butt grab is harassment, in the bedroom spreading your fingers and grasping onto her butt will likely turn her on. A combination of the sensation of your hands – there are a ton of nerve endings in the human butt – and the idea of you pressing her to you will get her going.
  3. Spread it. Gentleness is key here. Start slowly and cautiously and gauge her reaction. The simple act of spreading a woman’s butt cheeks can stimulate nerves usually missed during sex.
  4. Spanking. While this is an often sexualized act, it involves more violence than many women expect in sex. Because of this, you’ll definitely want to talk to your partner before trying to spank her butt.