How To Give A Woman A Quick Orgasm

When you don't have time for an extended sex session, you need to know how to give a woman a quick orgasm. Quickies are fun and a great way to make your day and hers that much better. If you only get your girl to orgasm during extended sessions, use these tips to learn how to give a woman a quick orgasm.

  1. Use clitoral stimulation over vaginal. Like the head of your penis, a woman's clitoris is the most sensitive spot, unless she's the type of girl who has g-spot orgasms. While not all woman have orgasms from clitoral stimulation you can usually at least get her wetter and more excited than normal so she's ready for quickie sex.
  2. Cheat with a sex toy. If you know that she's not going to have an orgasm before you do during a quickie, don't leave her hanging (she'll kick your butt later if you do). Bring a sex toy along, especially a small bullet that provides pinpoint stimulation to the clit. You usually want to use a low speed setting on the vibrator and stimulate the clitoris through the clitoral hood, not directly on the clit.
  3. Have sex in an unusual place. If you're going after the office quickie, just having sex in a strange and semi-public place might be enough to get her going. Your office, the janitor closet or a stairwell are all places that will add some spice into your quickie sex life.
  4. Try new positions. You might just catch her offguard into an instant orgasm if you end up trying a position that really hits the spot for her. Chances are if you're going for a quickie you're probably in non-bedroom location for sex, so take advantage of that.
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