How To Give Yourself An Orgasm

Knowing how to give yourself an orgasm can be achieved if you are willing to try it. An orgasm is the end result from arousing, usually, the sexual organ. It is an explosive and intense feeling that the majority of people experience at least once during sex or masturbation. Orgasms can either be done by someone else getting you to that point, or by giving yourself an orgasm. It has been shunned upon for years when even mentioning that you are into masturbation or "pleasing" yourself sexually. However, if you are one of those men who don't have to wait for another person to take you to that point of climax, and you want to learn about how to give yourself an orgasm, then read on.

  1. Think about sensual and sexual things. Giving yourself an orgasm is part physical, part mental. When you think or meditate on things that arouse you sexually, you have begun the process of giving yourself an orgasm.
  2. Caress yourself all over. This may sound crazy, but feeling on yourself excites the body and gets it ready for arousal. Feel your chest, your stomach, your legs, your arms and your face before touching your penis. Taking this step will make giving yourself an orgasm easier.
  3. Stroke your penis. After groping your body, take your penis in your hand and give firm, even strokes. Stroke the entire penis from shaft to tip, or glans. You may find it most sensitive to stimulate just the tip. Your penis should become erect at this point.
  4. While stroking your penis after erection, you will feel a strong sensation that leads to ejaculation. Your body will tense and after ejaculation, or during the refractory period, you may have the urge to give yourself another orgasm.

If you have never experienced self pleasure or masturbation before, try it. It is an easy way to give yourself an orgasm and it will relax you. Learning how to give yourself an orgasm is easy. You will enjoy the moments you have pleasing yourself and you will look forward to the next time.


Stroking your penis by your hand alone isn't the only way to giving yourself an orgasm. Visit your nearest adult novelty shop to browse many items that are designed for self pleasure.

Giving yourself an orgasm, or masturbation, is a lot safer than having intercourse with someone. You completely eliminate all chances of STDs, HIV and pregnancies.

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