How To Gkick

Learning how to G-Kick means developing great balance and strength in your shoulders and torso. The G-Kick is definitely a difficult maneuver to learn. If you don't know how to pull of a side chair, leave the G-Kick alone. The good news is the G-Kick is the baby brother of the more popular move, the L-Kick (by baby brother we mean it's slightly easier to do). However, the ability to balance is required. If you can't balance, you won't be able to do either move. The best way to learn this breakdancing move is to try.

  1. Try this. To graduate to the G-Kick you need to pass the side chair exam. The side chair is a very difficult maneuver in itself. Imagine someone balancing his body weight on one arm while twisting their torso up towards the sky and holding his legs in a seated position. That's the side chair in a nutshell. Learn to do this and the G-Kick will seem like a piece of cake.
  2. Do the side chair first. If you have developed extreme shoulder and arm muscles, you can skip this step and lean into a G-Kick right away. Let's assume you didn't. The first step is to get into the push up position with your knees on the floor. Choose an arm to support your weight. After you've chosen the arm, jam your upper arm into the side of your ribcage and your obliques. Get your arm as close to you waist as possible for balance purposes. Lean forward onto that arm and twist your forearm so that your wrist is facing forward. Elevate your feet and put them in the seated position. Poking your butt outward and pulling your thighs closer to your abs is a great way to help you balance. Twisting your torso slightly will also help. If you can hold this position for a while, you can try to G-Kick.
  3. Going further. G-Kicks and L-Kicks are done while the dancer has his balancing arm extended. This, however, totally changes how you balance. You probably won't be strong enough to push yourself out of the side chair into a G-Kick right away, but that's what needs to be done. You need to extend your balancing arm and lean your torso slightly forward. While doing this, stretch your off arm towards the sky. While twisting your lower torso, kick one leg upward while keeping the other folded in like a "G." You're probably assuming this move can be done slowly. Well, it's not meant to be done that way. It has to be done in a fluid motion rather quickly or you will fall over. The side chair motion is just a good way of condition you to balancing in the G-Kick form.
  4. Doing the G-Kick. Once you get the hang of the side chair to G-Kick move, try going directly into the G-Kick from a standing position. Just lean over and balance on your extended arm as described above. Remember, your off arm and legs will help your little balancing act. Arching you back and manipulating your torso also helps with balancing.
  5. Practice. Over time, you'll notice that balancing becomes easier. When this happens you need to practice your timing and speed. You need to be able to do the G-Kick in one fluid motion, then transition to another move just as fluidly.
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