How To Glue Shoes

Need to know how to glue shoes, for example, when the sole of a shoe starts coming away from the upper portion of the shoe?  This can be both uncomfortable and unsightly.  What if it's a favorite tennis shoe?  While it is not as common as it once was, adhesive for shoe repair is still available and many people take a day or so and glue that favorite pair of their shoes rather than toss them out.

Before you can glue the shoes, you need the proper glue.  Super glue, school glue, glue sticks, and glue guns just will not do the trick.  Common brands of shoe glue are available in most drug stores.  Shoe adhesives are also available online. Some companies even sell a type of accelerator that can be added to the glue to speed up drying times.  If using an accelerator the glue may be nearly set in only a couple of hours.

These are the basic steps to gluing shoes:

  1. Remove any old glue from the original manufacturer that may be visible at the location that has come apart
  2. Apply glue to both surfaces (in this case, the sole and the upper part) where the shoe will be pressed back together
  3. Allow this glue to set for at least 2 minutes, but up to 10 minutes
  4. Carefully press the shoe together, as it should be, and wipe the edge if any glue seeps out
  5. Set the shoe on a solid surface and, if desired, place a weighted object on top such as a book or cold, unplugged iron
  6. Allow the glue to set firm at least 24 hours but up to 72 hours, for maximum strength
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