How To Go Down On Her

If things are heating up with your girlfriend, then you need to learn how to go down on her. There are magazines, books, videos, Websites, and even classes that are geared toward teaching men how to go down on their female partners.  However, all one needs is a little patience and attention to detail. Below are some tips to use when going down on your favorite girl. 

  1. Undress her  The first thing you need to do is get her out of  her clothes. Slowly undress her, starting with the shirt, bra, then pants; leaving her wearing just her panties. 
  2. Kiss high, feel low  Turning her sideways, start off by kissing her fully on the lips, while lightly running your hand down her backside, over her panties, and along the back of her thigh. Continue kissing her while laying her on her back. Your hand should now be concentrating on her inner thighs, occasionally brushing over the front of her panties. 
  3. Move to her chin and neck areas  Keeping her on her back, remove your lips from hers and start slowly kissing her chin, cheek and neck; periodically nibbling on her earlobe. Meanwhile, your hand should still be exploring her thigh and crotch area, every so often finding its way inside her panties. This is the point where your attention to detail needs to kick in. While rubbing her, be mindful of her body language and any moaning or deep breaths. You should be able to notice when you touch areas that really turn her on, . 
  4. Kiss and suck on her breasts  Now it is time to go down her breasts. Start out by kissing the top of one of her breasts, slowly continuing along its side (feel free to leave a small love bite along the way), then work toward her nipple. Once you reach the nipple area, gently suck on it  while slowly flicking your tongue along its top. Keep in mind your hand should continue working her thigh and crotch regions. When kissing, nibbling, and sucking on her breasts, spend equal time on each. Do not neglect the area between her breasts as that can be an erogenous zone. Again, be mindful of her body language as certain areas of her breasts may cause her more pleasure.
  5.  Work your way down toward her navel  After you are through stimulating her breasts, it is time to venture further south. Slowly kiss your way down toward her pantyline, concentrating primarily on the area between her rib cage. Be mindful when you reach her bellybutton. Some women enjoy having it licked, while others would rather you bypass that region by placing their hand over that area. 
  6. Have her turn over on her stomach  Once you reach her panyline, position her on her stomach. Start kissing her on the small of her back, occasionally flicking your tongue along her skin. For many women, the area along their tailbone can be sensitive. Once you go down to her pantyline, slowly pull her panties down until they are just below the buttocks. Next start kissing her butt cheeks and along the back of her thighs, while gently running your fingers along her vagina. At this point she may try to turn back over and guide your face to her sweet spot. Do not allow her. Continue teasing her buttocks and thigh with your tongue and lips. Once you feel you are finished, turn her back over.
  7. Remove her panties  When she is lying on her back again remove her panties, allowing them to fall off one leg at a time. Spread her legs and start kissing the inside of her thighs, moving toward her vagina. 
  8.  Get her off!  Now it's time to get down to business. Once you reach her vagina, start kissing and sucking her inner and outer labia area before going down to her vaginal opening . By then her hand will likely be applying pressure to the back of your head to ensure you stay the course. Slowly work your way to her clitoris. After sucking and licking her clit, it should only be moments before she reaches a very memorable orgasm.
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