How To Go Down A Ramp On A Skateboard

Learning how to go down a ramp on a skateboard can be an easy feat for beginner skateboarders. Skating ramps can be new territory for novice skaters, so learning how to skate ramps safely is essential to progressing towards skating down ramps.

  1. Locate a Ramp. Find a ramp suitable to your skill level. Do not attempt to go down the largest ramp on a skateboard if you have never skated down ramps before on a skateboard. Find a beginner to mid-size ramp to go down and get a feel for the ramp prior to skating down the ramp from the top.
  2. Balance the Skateboard on the Ramp. Once you have gotten a feel for the ramp, stand at the top of the ramp on your board and get balanced. Placing your feet above the trucks on your skateboard will making balancing easier. If you place your feet too far forward on the nose or too far backward on the tail, you will lose balance when learning how to go down a ramp on a skateboard.
  3. Lean into the Ramp and Follow Through. Shift the skateboard toward the edge of the ramp by shaking your body forward using your shoulders. As you get better you will be able to push yourself forward only using your feet. Once your front wheels are off the platform, lean sharply into the ramp and proceed to go down the ramp. Maintain your balance as you skate down the ramp into a clear path at the bottom.


  • Wear Protective Gear. While skating down ramps can be fun for novice skaters, they  can also pose potential dangers for less experienced skaters. When learning how to go down a ramp on a skateboard, wearing the proper protective gear will help protect skaters in case of falls. Practicing skateboarding down ramps comes along with a few expected falls, but wearing helmets as well as knee and elbow pads can help skaters prevent injuries in the event of falling.
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