How To Go Elk Hunting In Canada

There are several things to consider before you find out how to go elk hunting in Canada. Unless you live in Canada, you will need to obtain a hunting license and an elk tag, which can be expensive. Elk hunting in Canada can be much colder than the U.S., so if you are not used to cold weather hunting, you may want to do some research before you plan your trip.

  1. Choose the province in Canada where you want to go elk hunting in Canada. Find out the cost of the license and elk tag, and order them well in advance of your trip. If you are traveling with a group of hunters, make sure everyone obtains the proper permits as well.
  2. Arrange your lodging and transportation before you go elk hunting in Canada. Try to find a hotel or other type of lodging such as a cabin a few months before your trip. Make sure there is enough space for everyone in your party. If you are flying to the location, you may also want to arrange for a rental vehicle.
  3. Decide whether to hire a guide when you are elk hunting in Canada. If you are unfamiliar with the territory, paying for a guide is a good idea. Find out the cost of the guide, and split the fee with the other members of your hunting party.
  4. Make sure you can transport your hunting rifle if you do not live in Canada. Read up on the regulations, and contact the game hunting officials in the Canadian province you intend to hunt elk, so you know the procedure for your weapons. You want your elk hunting in Canada experience to be smooth, so do not wait until the last minute to finalize all of the details.
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