How To Go Hang Gliding Safely

It is important to learn how to go hang gliding safely to prevent injuries and even death. There are many tips you should follow in order to go hang gliding safely. There are many safety tips you should follow prior to actually hang gliding. These tips include checking your equipment, checking your harness, and using proper launching techniques.

  1. To go hang gliding safely, you must check your glider well before heading out. Do a complete evaluation of the glider, ensuring you check the wires, wing tips, bolts, ropes, and any other parts in the area. Don't forget to check for bends and symmetry. Your harness traps and ropes should be checked prior to hang gliding as well.
  2. When you hook into your harness, take a few extra minutes to check your harness for safety. Make sure your harness is not twisted and all straps are secure. This harness check should become a routine and needs to be conducted every time you go hang gliding.
  3. The vast majority of launching issues occur due to a glider wing. To ensure you go hang gliding safely, make sure you have equal pressure on both wings of the hang glider. The nose should be aligned correctly as well. If anything does not feel right and you do not feel balanced, do not launch! Make sure you always launch with a hard run because a slow launch can cause the glider to stall.

To go hang gliding safely, make sure you never launch in high winds or cross winds. Never launch in winds that are higher than you can handle and only launch in areas you are familiar with. Make sure you repack your parachute every year because this may be the one thing that saves your life, should an accident occur.



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