How To Go Kayaking With Alligators

Need to now how to go kayaking with alligators? You may find yourself kayaking one day with alligators either by design or, (oh, my gosh!) by accident. These muscular, menacing-looking creatures, which have been rescued from the brink of extinction, are populous in the warm waters of the southeastern U.S., particularly in Florida and Louisiana. If you are going to go kayaking in waters that are known to be populated by alligators, it is recommended that you be an experienced kayaker.  Here are some basic things you need to know if you are ever in the situation of kayaking with alligators.   .

  1. When kayaking in alligator infested waters, keep in mind that alligators are fast. It is easy to be lulled into thinking that these are slumbering, slothful creatures when they are viewed from a distance. Alligators have been clocked running at 30 miles per hour on land.           .
  2. Know about their mating season. Mating season is the most dangerous. During mating season, from early April through June, alligators are most active and most aggressive. Especially avoid kayaking or other sports in alligator-infested waters during mating season.
  3. Do not bring pets aboard. Your pet looks like a nice meal to an alligator and may prompt an otherwise disinterested alligator to attack while you are kayaking.
  4. Splashing can make an alligator think you are prey so kayak carefully. The head on an alligator is equipped with sensory "bumps" that are sensitive to movement in the water. Also remember that alligators have well-developed senses of smell and of hearing. They can hear you and sniff you out from quite a distance.
  5. Never feed an alligator.  Whether you are kayaking or not, feeding alligators is illegal in most places, and for good reason. Feeding them only encourages them to be in close proximity with humans. Not good for them or for you.
  6. Alligators can stay underwater for hours. Even though there may be no alliggators in sight, there could be one lurking right next to you while you are kayaking! Be very careful. 
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