How To Go Mountain Trekking In Tajikistan

One searching for an adventure might wonder how to go mountain trekking in Tajikistan. There are many options for the traveller in Tajikistan looking for an outdoor excursion.  Do you want a short day hike or several days of trekking?  By far the most popular area among travelers is the Fan Mountains.  These mountains are located in the westernmost part of Tajikistan near the city of Samarqand in Uzbekistan. The Fan Mountains, or "Fanski Gori" to the locals, are renowned for their natural beauty and easily accessible hiking routes and scenic views.  Whether you are hiking alone or with a tour, the best time to go for trekking is May to October and July to September for mountaineering.  The most popular spot in the Fan Mountains is Lake Iskanderkul.  It has easy overland access and has legendary beauty.  There are also many options for several days of trekking into the mountain range or day long return hikes.

  1. VIsa The first thing you need to do before you go mountain trekking in Tajikistan is to arrange your visa through the Department of State.  Their website will tell you how to arrange your visa before you go.  If you are coming overland from Uzbekistan, you can get a Tajik visa in Toshkent before traveling overland into Tajikistan.  If you fly in a visa can be arranged at the airport in Dushanbe.
  2. Transport The second step is arranging transport while you're in Tajikistan.  Public transport in Central Asia in general, including Tajikistan is rather undeveloped.  To get from point A to point B, you may need to keep your eyes open and be ready for an opportunity.  Hitching sometimes is an option.  You can also hire a car if you want more freedom of movement, but of course this will hurt your budget if you are trying to go on the cheap.
  3. Guide The third step is arranging a guide when you arrive to where you would like to go trekking.  In the Fan Mountains a good hopping off point is Panjakent.  You can also use the capital Dushanbe for the Fan and also for the Shirkent National Park.  There are trekking companies that use transport to and from your destination of choice so if you are having trouble with step two, this may be a good option.
  4. Enjoy The fourth step is the best one.  Enjoy the natural beauty and world famous hospitality of the Central Asian region.  Once you have arranged entry into the country, transport, and you have someone to show you around, all that is left to do is to go mountain trekking in Tajikistan, relax and enjoy the sights.
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