How To Go To School To Become A Cameraman

If working in the film industry sound exciting, you should learn how to go to school to become a cameraman. By going to school to become a cameraman or camera operator’s you will learn to use motion picture cameras to film for television, newscasts, sporting events and documentaries. A cameraman in training starts by taking classes in a film production training program.

  1. Start by deciding if you want to go to a four year, two year or technical college. Four year universities offer degrees in journalism or broadcasting. There are also four year art schools that offer majors in media arts. You can become a cameraman without going to a four year college. But any extra education may give you the edge in the job market. Junior Colleges offer two year programs and award certificates in Film Production. Technical or Vocational schools also offer programs in Film Production and take about two years to complete.
  2. Research the school. Now that you have decided what program works best for you it is time to research the different schools. Start by going to the schools website. Look for admissions requirements. Note what will be needed to apply, and the schools acceptance policy.
  3. Visit the School.  You can schedule a tour of most schools by calling the school or filling out a form online. Tour the school as early. Make sure to note the application deadline. Most schools require you to apply months ahead of time.
  4. Look into financial aid. Depending on your income, you may qualify for financial aid. So visit the financial aid office on campus. They can answer any questions regarding grants and loans you may qualify for. You can also visit FASFA online.
  5. Apply. Now it is time to start the official process of applying to go to school as a cameraman. If you have done your homework, you should have all the information you need to apply for school. Most schools require a high school diploma. And you may need to send your official transcripts to the school.
  6. Strive to be the best in your class. Show up for class on time and eager to learn. Ask questions and make friends. Get the most out of each class you take. Complete an internship while you are still in school. If you use your time wisely while you are at school,  learning to become a cameraman it will pay off in the end. You will have the technical skills to create a great portfolio. And you can use this portfolio as a resume when you start to look for your first job as a cameraman.
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