How To Go To Sleep Fast

Deep, invigorating slumber is essential for good health, so knowing how to go to sleep fast, especially on a consistent basis, will deliver many benefits. If you have a prolonged problem falling asleep, obtain the help of a healthcare professional to eliminate disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome. Otherwise, implement the following steps to start snoozing as quickly as possible.  

To sleep fast, you'll need:

  • A quiet, dark room
  • An organized schedule for plenty of downtime
  • A sleep-inducing snack
  • A comfortable mattress and sheets
  1. Keep stimulant-access in the earlier half of the day or eliminate them completely. Drink caffeinated beverages only in the morning and not later than the early afternoon.
  2. Hit the gym as early in the day as possible. The early mornings are ideal so you can get you workouts out of the way early and help taper off restlessness later. Don’t exercise later than a few hours before bedtime.
  3. Eat a light snack before going to bed. The snack should be no more than a three hundred calories and should contain the amino acid tryptophan, which will help your body create sleeping aids serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan rich snacks run the gamut of dairy products and whole grains
  4. Don’t make it a habit of napping throughout the day.  Occasionally, you’ll feel sleeping and need to nod off during daylight hours. However, doing this constantly will interfere with you being able to sleep at night.
  5. Cut down on nicotine and alcohol. Cutting down significantly on or preferably eliminating nicotine and alcohol will aid your health in many ways, including deeper, easier sleep.
  6. Get rid of your visible alarm clock. Constantly glancing at your alarm and the subsequent pressure of reading the time will only keep you awake. If you need the clock for the alarm, keep away from arms length and hidden.
  7. A few hours before bedtime, avoid exposure to bright lighting and loud, disruptive sounds.  Dim down your bedroom lights and turn down the television and the worst anti-sleeping mechanism, your computer.
  8. Don’t drink too may liquids before bedtime. Constantly getting up and having to empty your bladder throughout the night won’t help you sleep deeply or restfully.



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