How Good Are Microfiber Couches With Pets

Are you wondering to yourself, "How good are microfiber couches with pets?" If it’s time to go furniture shopping and you own one or more cats or dogs, you may be wondering how your microfiber couches with hold up with your pets. Read on to learn the advantages of microfiber couches when it comes to living with pets.

While leather definitely makes clean up of shedding hair easier than does a microfiber fabric, it can also be scratched and torn by the claws of cats and dogs. If you have already settled the leather versus fabric debate and have decided on fabric, you may want to consider getting a microfiber couch. Microfiber sofas have certain advantages over other fabrics when it comes to pets.

Microfiber does not have a looping pattern like other fabrics. Therefore, pet hair does not get deep into the fabric and get tangled in the loops. Pet hair can be pretty easily removed with a variety of methods. You can use a lint roller (those with the sticky paper) or one of the lint brushes with the red material instead of a sticky paper.  You can also use a damp (not really wet) cloth and wipe the pet hair off the couch. Rubber gloves also do a good job of picking up pet hair.

Microfiber is also an easy-to-clean fabric, making it a good choice for a couch if you own pets. If Fido comes in with a little dirt on his feet and jumps on the couch, there is no need to worry. Most surface dirt can be cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth. A commercial upholstery cleaning spray can be used for deeper soils. Also, darker colors and patterns will help hide any dirt the pets bring to your couch.

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