How To Grab Boobs

Knowing how to grab boobs is an integral part of foreplay, and as such, deserves some thought and planning. Boobs are important in foreplay as there are several nerves in the nipples. Stimulated properly, they can greatly intensify arousal response when you grab boobs. Women have been known to achieve an orgasm from boob stimulation.

Items needed:

  • Time
  • Open mind
  • Willing partner
  1. Come from behind her, your left hand slips around her waist, then your left hand reaches over to move her hair away from the right side of her neck. Lean forward and gently kiss her neck. Whisper in her ear how good she smells; scent is one of the most important sensory organs and is often overlooked. Light some scented candles before she gets there. If you have picked out the right scent for her, she should relax into your arms. You then allow your left hand to trail around her neck to the left side of neck, slip down the front and over her left boob and gently squeeze the boob grabbed.
  2. As you kiss, cradle her head in your hand. Bring up the other hand stroke her cheek and let your hand continue down her neck and gently follow the curve of her boobs (apply a gentle pressure here) and before she can object let your hand continue around the ribcage to the small of her back. Apply pressure to hold her firmly against you, then release her. 


  • If you get the right scent of candle, it can do half your work for you (for example, cinnamon instills feelings of safety while ocean scents instill feelings of cleanliness).
  • Targeting the left boob first will allow for refusal without animosity. Generally speaking the left side of the body is less sensitive than the right (This applies to right-handed people. With left-handed women target the right side).
  • Respecting the refusal with grace will allow for the possibility of grabbing boobs at a later date.
  • Provide light stimulating that are known for their aphrodisiac properties such as strawberries, shrimp, oysters, and mints.
  • Keep to finger foods for additional stimulation. 
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