How To Gracefully Decline A Second Date

At some point, most people will have to learn how to gracefully decline a second date. Either the first date didn’t go well, or you simply don’t see a future in the relationship, turning down a second date can often save both parties a lot of angst later on. It can however, be difficult to balance being honest with being nice. Knowing how to gracefully decline is a skill that will help you navigate your social life.

  1. Be honest. The worst thing you can do is say yes when you really don’t want to go on a second date. This will only make things worse later on when you have to say no to a third date, fourth date, or actual relationship. As much as it might hurt her initially, most women will appreciate your honesty and that you chose not to play games.

  2. Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that you’re hurting her, if the first date didn’t go well, chances are she didn’t have a great time either. At this point in the relationship, you can often end things without much pain. Over-thinking is rarely a good thing.

  3. Plan your words. Plan out what you want to say to decline a second date ahead of time and stick to your script more or less. This will help prevent you from backing down or saying the wrong thing due to nerves.

  4. Be nice. Wish the other person well, especially if chances are good that you will never see her again. Ending things kindly will help prevent any lingering hostility. Tell her you enjoyed getting to know her on your first date, but don’t see a future in the relationship for whatever reason. It’s okay to be vague, but it’s not okay to be impolite.

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