How To Graduate College Early

If you want to know how to graduate college early and jump right into a career or graduate program, you will need to make a formal plan for your undergraduate education and stay focused on your goal of finishing school quickly. To graduate college early is it also important to think outside the box. Work with your college and academic advisors to consider alternate schedules and experiential learning opportunities that will help you expedite your academic career.

  1. Figure out your graduation requirements early on. To ensure that you meet all the requirements necessary to graduate college early, meet with your academic advisor regularly and make sure that you know what general education and major-related classes that your school requires. 
  2. Attend summer classes. One way to graduate college early is to take courses during the summer. Over the course of a four-year program, you may be able to cut one year off your studies by going to school during the summer.
  3. Avoid changing majors. If you want to graduate college early, you will need to plan your academic path early on and stick with it. Changing majors can mean taking unnecessary courses, which will make it difficult to graduate college early.
  4. Skip the electives. Although it may be tempting to take fun courses or enroll in a class just because you like the professor, avoid this if you hope to graduate college early.
  5. Get college credit for your life and work experience. If you are a nontraditional student or have extensive professional experience related to your major, ask your college if it offers academic credit for professional or life experience. These credits can cut down on the number of classes you need to take and make it possible to graduate college early.  



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