How To Greet A Blind Date

If you have been set up by friends, and will soon be going on a blind date, it's important to think about how to greet a blind date before you arrive.  Should you be reserved, outgoing, flirty, friendly, or wait and see how your blind date reacts first?  First impressions are important, so you want to make a good one.

  1. How to greet a blind date if you are meeting them in a restaurant.  If you will be meeting your blind date in a public setting, such as a restaurant or bar, you will not want to bring flowers or chocolates.  Nothing will make your blind date more uncomfortable than having to carry a gift around with them the remainder of the night.  Instead, greet a blind date with a friendly handshake or brief hug.  To make a handshake more intimate, hold your hand out to shake the other person's hand, and then grasp it with your free hand.  In other words, hold their hand briefly in between both of yours.
  2. How to greet a blind date if you are meeting them at home.  When you greet a blind date at their home, it is a nice gesture to bring a small bouquet of flowers.  Avoid large floral arrangements or expensive roses, as both of these are too personal and would seem a bit over the top for a first date.  Especially a blind date.  Instead, select a small bunch of carnations, daisies, or other spring flowers.  These flowers are much more casual and will put your date at ease.
  3. How to greet a blind date at the park. Meeting at a park is a casual way to greet a blind date, and it is the perfect way to get to know someone new.  Instead of having to shout at each other in a crowded bar or nightclub, you can enjoy casual conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.  Again, greet a blind date in a friendly manner by offering a warm handshake or brief hug.  Again, you do not want to bring flowers when you are meeting someone at the park.  Instead, bring a camera and take a few pictures of your first date together.  This will help bring the two of you together quickly and form a fast bond.
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