How To Grill Bacon

There you are whipping up burgers on the grill and wondering how to grill bacon for that bacon burger one of your guests asked for. Fortunately, bacon can be cooked right on the grill next to the burgers for that perfect bacon burger or bacon cheeseburger with very little added effort on your part.

  • Charcoal or gas grill
  • Grill thermometer
  • Bacon
  • Barbecue tongs
  • Paper towels


  1. Prepare the charcoal and allow it to cool to a medium low to medium temperature or 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to ensure the temperature of the grill.
  2. Lay bacon strips on the grill over the coolest section of the grill. Watch the strips closely as they cook, moving them if needed to prevent flame flare-ups.
  3. Turn the bacon over, using tongs, as it grills. This will help keep the bacon crisp and unburned.
  4. Remove the bacon from the grill as it reaches the desired crispness. It may take 4 to 5 minutes to reach this stage.
  5. Drain the bacon on paper towels before serving. This will remove any excess grease remaining on the bacon slices.

Tips: Never allow bacon or any other food to sit outside for more than an hour when the outside temperature is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep bacon refrigerated or on ice until you are ready to grill. If cooking bacon along with the burgers, place the burgers over the hottest portion of the grill. Place the bacon to the outside cooler areas. If you don't have a grill thermometer, start with a single slice of bacon. If it cooks too quickly or causes flare-ups, move to a cooler portion of the grill or wait until the heat dies back to grill the bacon.

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