How To Grill Oysters

Learning how to grill oysters is an essential for any seafood lover. Learning how to grill oysters is fairly quick and will not be much of a challenge if you have experience with seafood or grilling. There are many reasons to learn how to grill oysters, especially if you have never grilled seafood before. Cooking oysters by other traditional means is not the same as learning to grill oysters.

  1. Sort the oysters. Sort through the oysters before you grill oysters. Sort oysters by lightly tapping the shell of each oyster. Throw the oyster out if the shell is loose or breaks open as this indicates the oysters is dead and not safe to eat. Place all the tightly closed oysters in a separate pile for cleaning.
  2. Clean the oysters. Place the oysters in the sink or under cool running water. Scrub the oyster shells with a very stiff brush while the water is running. Continue to scrub and rinse briefly to allow any sediments on the shell to wash away before you grill oysters.
  3. Prepare the grill. Place the barbecue rack about four to six inches above the coals in your grill. Heat up the grill for five to ten minutes before you grill oysters.
  4. Grill the oysters. Prepare to grill oysters by placing the oysters on the barbecue rack. Place the shell down so that the curved half is down on the barbecue rack. Ensure the oysters are not overlapping on the grill nor positioned in a manner in which the juices will run out of the shell when you grill oysters.
  5. Remove the oysters. Remove the oysters from the grill when the shells begin to open slightly. Typically this occurs after about four minutes of grilling time. Remove the oysters from the grill with tongs or another appropriate tensile as they will be hot.


  • Use a fork to remove the meat from the shell after you grill oysters.
  • Serve grilled oysters with a side of garlic butter for best results.
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