How To Grind BMX

How to grind on a BMX bike can be somewhat tricky so it is no surprise that so many people are still learning how to grind BMX style. There are several types types of BMX grinds that you can perform such as, feeble, peg and pedal grinds. To perform a BMX grind you might want to lock down the basic BMX trick basics like bunny-hops. Once you are confident to begin learning how to grind, here are a few steps that you should follow to help you with this task.

To grind BMX style, you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • helmet
  • protective padding
  • surface to grind on, like a curb
  1. The speed and angle matter. Tilt your BMX bike so that you will be approaching the curb at an angle. You will need a decent amount of speed to be able to grind all the way across the curb. Give yourself a distance of about 25 feet so that you will be able to generate enough speed by the time you reach the curb.
  2. As you are about to reach the curb bring your front wheel upwards. Do a small half-way bunny hop so that your front wheel lands on the curb. Make sure that your bike stays parallel and straight with the curb.
  3. Put weight on the front of the back as you grind. Make sure that you lean into the handlebars so that the back of the bike does not mess up the trick.

Now that you know how to grind BMX style with your bike, do not be afraid to go out and try it.

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