How To Grind With A Girl

If you want to hit the clubs, learn how to grind with a girl. Try not to look like a nerd out on the dancefloor. It will likely take a bit of practice to get it right. Keep in mind that not all girls are going to want you to grind up on them. There is a good chance that you could be rebuffed or turned down if you try. If you find a girl that likes it, she may want to get to know you further. 

  1. Sidle up to a girl that you want to dance with. There is usually no need to ask her to dance. If it's that type of environment, feel free to ask her. Dance with her in a regular way until a good grinding song comes on. The best grinding songs usually have sex somewhere in the lyrics!
  2. Get behind her and put your hands on her waist or hips. If she resists at all, stop immediately. If she seems into it, stay in that position for a bit. 
  3. Press yourself up against her backside. Don't do this too hard but make yourself known back there. Slightly bend your knees.
  4. Start moving your hips forward and from side to side. Do this in time to the music. Move your hips in a figure-eight shape. 
  5. Move yourself over to the side and grind up against her hip. Stand with your feet on either side of her legs. To grind with a girl in this position, put your hands on her waist.


Take breaks from grinding. Don't do it the entire time that you're dancing with a girl.



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