How To Grind Golf Wedges

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to grind golf wedges. Grinding wedges allows golfers to obtain a greater deal of consistency with their golfing–and in addition to this, it provides some creativity to your clubs. Your friends won't believe you did it yourself!

  1. Before you begin grinding your golf wedge, it is important that you evaluate your golf game to determine how the wedge should be ground. Players who are looking for a golf wedge to provide them with an easier way to loft the ball should flatten out the head of the wedge in order to reduce "bounce"–which will make the face of the club flatter. Individuals who are looking for help in popping the ball up should increase the angle of the face of the club.
  2. Set up all of the equipment that you will need to grind the golf wedge. You will need to equip an electric drill with a grinding stone. Dremel grinding stones work especially well for this type of project.
  3. Secure the golf wedge in a vise, making sure that the face of the club is pointing towards you. While wearing safety glasses and holding the drill away from your body, slowly begin to grind your wedge. For optimal results, start with the leading edge of the club. This area typically needs the most work, and can be flattened or raised, depending on your golfing needs. During this process, test the club on occasion to determine if the effect is correct.
  4. Once the golf wedge has been ground to your satisfaction, replace the grinding stone with a sandpaper attachment, and carefully polish the area on which you've ground. This helps to make shots more consistent.
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