How to Grind on a Snowboard

Snowboarding has many stunts much like skateboarding, but learning how to grind is key. Grinding is where you jump up on a narrow surface then slide to the end and jump back off. This a a fun trick to do, but does have its share of hazards. With a few steps in learning and preparing, a rider can preventing injury.

  1. Check your straps. When ever you start snowboarding, inspect your board. Make sure that your foot straps are tight and secure to the board. Sit next to the board and put on the snowboard, checking the straps again to make sure they are tight on your foot and your feet are secured to the board.
  2. Learn your balance. Use a board such as a two by four accomplish this. Lay the two by four on a flat are of land or floor. Lining your board with the two by four in the middle, balance on the board. This will help with your learning to grind by keeping you balanced on your grinding surface.
  3. Go Small. With most new stunts, you want to start with an easy grind. Look for a surface that is low enough you can reach it with a short ollie. In some cases you can grind on a snowboard by just sliding on to a surface, level with the surface of the snow. If you strive for to high of a surface, you may miss judge your approach and slam into the surface rather than grind it.
  4. Grind it. Time to go for the grind. You approach is important to line you board up with the grinding surface. Keeping your speed up, crouch and lift your front foot while jumping with your rear to preform a small ollie. Land squarely on the surface and balance with the board centered on the rail.
  5. Ride it out. Balance and ride like you were on the snow. Let the grind guide you. Maintain your balance till your ready to exit the grind, then with a small ollie, leave the rail and meet back with the snow once more.

To grind on a snowboard is not difficult. It can hurt you if you do not take your time and learn your balance. Once you have it down, you can start to experiment with grinding and add your own style to the stunt. Enjoy the grind.

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