How To Grip A Drop Ball In Softball

When you learn how to grip a drop ball in softball you can improve your ability to strike out opponents. It also helps you develop better control over your pitches. It is a great pitch that keeps the batter guessing. A good drop ball pitch is a great way to get ahead in the count when you are pitching against a good hitter. It also hinders the batters ability to hit the ball dead on. This is because often even the most skilled batters will not be able to hit the ball at full force. Instead they only hit the top part of the ball. This allows your defense to work for you.

When you learn how to grip a drop ball in softball you will have one of the most valuable pitches that you can use to get ahead of the count. Below is a list of materials and instructions you can follow when learning how to grip a drop ball in softball.


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How to Grip a Drop Ball in Softball

  1. Grip the ball on the seams with the middle and index finger. Place both of the fingers directly on the two seams of the softball. Do this in a way that each finger covers each seam lengthwise.
  2. Go into the motion of pitching the ball
  3. While your arm is in motion, as your arm passes your hip, begin rotating your wrist downward
  4. Snap your wrist from right to left. Do this motion in an exaggerated manner.
  5. Release the ball. When you have completed the pitch your arm should now be out in front of your body.
  6. The ball will look as though it is traveling in the same manner during a regular pitch. The only difference is it will drop when it reaches the plate.

When you know how to grip a drop ball in softball the right way, you will have perfect placement of the fingers, as well as perfect wrist motion. The better your wrist motion is, the better your drop ball will be. Knowing how to throw a killer drop ball can be the difference between striking someone out or someone hitting a home run.

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