How To Grip A Tennis Racquet

Want to learn how to grip a tennis racket? If you play tennis or have a desire to play tennis, there is a special way that the racket should be gripped. If it is not gripped the correct way, the racket could easily fly out of your hand. Keep your tennis racquet securely in your hand with these instructions.

Things you'll need:

  • Tennis racket
  1. Hold racket with your left hand. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, it is essential that you grip the tennis racquet with your left hand first. Use a tight grip on the racquet at the bottom handle. Position your left hand in a comfortable position. You will know where to place your hands on the racquet because the handle has graven areas for easy grip.
  2. Grab racket with your right hand. While still keeping your left hand on the racquet, do a cross grab with your right hand across your left hand. It will look almost as if you are shaking hands with yourself. Grip the racquet handle securely with both hands so that you will not lose the racket.
  3. Hold tennis racket perpendicular to the ground. While holding your tennis racket perpendicular to the ground, re-position your index finger and your thumb of your right hand. Place your right thumb and index finger along the length of the racquet handle. You should notice a V-shaped pattern along the racket handle. All positions of the hands and fingers should be secure and steady.
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