How to Grow a Beard

Many men (and maybe even some women) wonder how to grow a beard. On the surface it seems simple: just don't shave. However, beards may grow in slowly, or have bald or thin areas. There are some tricks and techniques involved in growing a beard, and by following these, your beard will hopefully grow in fuller and thicker. Also, by proper grooming you can train your beard to follow a combed pattern, instead of being scraggly.

To grow a beard, you'll need:

  • Gelatin Dessert
  • Raw eggs
  • Comb
  1. Let your beard grow naturally. There is a popular misconception that to grow a beard, you have to shave. Not so, this is a myth. According to Dr.  Herbert Mescon, who stated in 1972 "There are a number of myths about shaving. It is not true that shaving makes whiskers darker or coarser or grow faster". So there you have it. Shaving is not the way to grow a beard correctly. Just grow a beard out naturally. Over time, your beard will be full and thick, but it just takes a little patience.
  2. Eat a bowl of gelatin dessert every night. Since beards are composed of coarse protein fibers, adding in a little extra protein can't hurt.  By adding in extra protein in your diet, you are helping your beard along. As an added bonus, you will also have stronger fingernails. 
  3. Rub raw egg on your face. Yes, this may sound strange, but the protein in the egg will be absorbed into your skin, hopefully adding to your beard area. This may or may not help to grow a beard, there are no scientific studies on this. Let the egg sit for about five minutes, then wash off with mild soap. Doing this can't hurt, unless you're allergic to eggs.
  4. Comb your beard as it starts growing. This will help train the whiskers. If you want to grow a beard that is well groomed, comb it so it doesn't look scraggly.


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