How To Grow Butternut Squash

With the right tools and soil, learning how to grow butternut squash is a cinch. Butternut squash is a type of winter squash. Even though it is called winter squash, it can only be grown in the warm seasons. To grow butternut squash will take a little time and effort, but you will be satisfied with the end result.

To grow butternut squash, you will need:

  • squash seeds
  • warm soil
  • gardening tools
  • water
  1. Plant butternut squash seeds in warm soil hills anywhere from half to one inch deep. Make sure seeds are spaced about four inches apart. Hills should have four to six feet between them to prevent overcrowding. The soil must be able to stay warm the whole duration of growth. If the soil gets cold or icy it will ruin the crops.
  2. Water the seeds when you first plant them. Continue to water the squash every two to three days until they sprout. Be careful to not over water the squash. The soil should be slightly moist. Never saturate the plant or it could have a negative effect on your crops.
  3. Fertilize plant regularly to insure good growth. Some people choose to use insecticides on the butternut squash plant, however bees are needed for pollination. So, It is best to only use insecticides at night when the bees are sleeping.
  4. Thin your hills to about three plants per hill. This should be done when the plants are at least four inches in height. Butternut Squash usually grow to about ten inches long and will need adequate growing room
  5. Harvest the butternut squash once it is ripe. Make sure to harvest the plant before the cool seasons approach. Frost on the soil will ruin your squash. The squash should be ready to cook once you remove the rind.

 University of Illinois Extension



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