How To Grow Mushrooms

If you can keep a house plant alive, you can learn how to grow mushrooms. Begin growing common mushrooms and then expand your horizons to more exotic varieties. With proper care, mushrooms will continue to grow and can even be naturalized into your yard providing amazing nourishment for you, a great bartering tool or interesting gifts.

Mushrooms are a perfect choice for home gardeners for three main reasons;

  • Relying on the supermarket is a pricey way to get your produce.
  • Searching for wild fungi is not always rewarded.
  • Mushrooms are a versatile crop, easy to start indoors or out in whatever space you can attribute.
  1. Start with a kit. Mushroom kits are the best way to break into mushroom growing. Mushrooms are a lot like sourdough bread, they need a starter. Kits are available for many different types including oyster, shittake, and button mushrooms. Other gourmet kits can also be purchased and started inside for a cool desktop garden. Be the talk of the office and declare yourself a real fun guy with a glass fungi growing habitat on your desk.
  2. Maximize the mushroom spawn by setting up a mushroom log outside. Cut wedges into a hardwood log in late winter or early spring for best results. Choose a shady, naturally moist spot in your yard or garden. Pack the crevices with mushroom spawn and then gently replace the wedges. This technique can produce 4-6 crops of mushrooms a year.
  3. Create a morel mushroom habitat in your backyard with a kit. Morel mushrooms are a decadent treat. Purchase a starter kit of morel spawn and choose  4 X 4 square foot area to begin your own perennial garden. Start whenever the ground is workable, spring, summer, fall or even a good day in winter. Dried morels are extremely pricey. This gourmet item goes for up to $50 in the store, grow your own mushrooms and offer friends and family a gourmet present.



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