How To Grow Rasta Dreadlocks

Many people enjoy the look of the Rastafarian style, but don't quite know how to grow Rasta Dreadlocks. There are many methods that people can use depending on the amount of time and effort they feel like putting into their style. The natural method, or the neglect method, would take the longest and simply means you don't wash your hair until it can be torn into matted long clumps of hair. This article will follow the easiest method, which is distinctly unnatural and sort of misses the point of the rasta method of dreadlock growing, but will be the simplest for most people who just want the fashion aspect. You'll need locking gel for this, which can be purchased at almost any hair care related store.

  1. Put it on lock. Section of an area of your hair and apply the locking gel of your choice to it. Make sure to remember that you want to go with smaller sections in the beginning. Dreadlocks grow larger the longer you put into growing them, so they will get bigger and thicken with time. Take this into account when making your initial locks.
  2. The palm roll. There are many ways to make the initial dreads with the locking gel. Some use combs or other methods, but the easiest is arguably the palm roll. Take the section of hair that you put the locking gel on and place it between your flat palms, then "roll" it between them both by moving your hands in opposite directions. This will roll the hair together and let the locking gel do its job.
  3. Be patient. Your locks won't look like you want initially, you have to give them plenty of time to grow and keep up on the upkeep of maintaining them. Using the unnatural methods of locking gel and products mean that you can shampoo them without too much worry of losing the hold. Just make sure you twist the base and root of each lock to keep them tight. In no time, you will have the Rasta dreadlocks you always dreamed of.
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