How To Grow A Thicker Beard

This article will provide you with steps on how to grow a thicker beard. Yes you can grow a thicker beard if yours is spotty and or thinner than you desire. Genetics plays the biggest role in a man's ability to actually grow a beard. But have no fear, growing a thicker more masculine beard can be achieved with some help from the beard owner. When a male reaches puberty, his body will start producing large amounts of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for male masculine physical characteristics, one being beard growth. As long as a male is producing high normal levels of the hormone testosterone, his beard will grow. Some males produce more free testosterone than other males and are therefore more hairy. Men who want to grow a thicker beard will have to produce as much testosterone as they can to do so.

  1. Eliminate excess estrogen. Eliminate excess estrogen in your diet. If your are eating large amounts of junk foods, start eating them in moderation, or if you can stop. You should also limit the amount of chicken and beef, both have large amounts of female hormones because they come from female sources. You want to maximize your male hormones for your thick beard. Do cardiovascular exercises to lose excess body fat, which produces estrogen.
  2. Eat vegetables. You should be eating lots of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables like spinach and all types of greens. Green leafy vegetables will help your body metabolize estrogen so that the testosterone produced by your testes can be used to enhance your masculine characteristics, like a thicker beard.
  3. Get lots of zinc. Eat foods rich in the mineral zinc such as mushrooms. The mineral zinc will help your body produce healthy levels of testosterone for you to grow a thicker beard. You can also take a zinc supplement. But don't supplement large amounts of zinc as this may cause a copper deficiency.
  4. Eat fat. Your body will not produce hormones for your thick beard without a diet that include healthy fats. Eat lots fish, especially salmon. Natural peanut butter and all kinds of nuts are also great sources of healthy fats, eat as much as you like.  You can supplement as much omega three fats as you desire, healthy fats will not make you fat.
  5. Balance your hormones. Once your testosterone rises to high normal levels you should take the supplement maca root. Maca root will maintain a healthy balance of your hormones, especially estrogen and testosterone for your thicker beard. Maca root is a food so you can take as much as you like, but five hundred milligrams a day should be good.

With your testosterone levels at high normal levels, your masculine characteristics will dominate. You can also expect a deeper voice, better muscle tone, a stronger sex drive with better performance and thicker beard growth. Remember to get at least eight hours of rest a night, lack of rest will hamper optimum hormone production which may lead to stress and work against your thick beard.

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