How A Guy Can Have Multiple Orgasm?

Every guys dream is to learn about how a guy can have multiple orgasms. It's always been thought that women can have multiple orgasms but guys can only have one extreme orgasm. But apparently, there are some tricks to helping a man have multiple orgasms. Every guy will want to read this.

What you need:

  • Knowledge about your body
  • Girlfriend/wife/fiance
  • Practice
  1. The truth about guys and multiple orgasms. Women are not the only one's who can experience multiple orgasms.  Guys can to, but you have to teach yourself a bit of self-control to experience multiple orgasms. Got your attention? For those who use porn, you know that feeling you have just before you are about to reach the peak of excitement. Well, if you can teach your self to hold off, you might be able to have multiple orgasms.
  2. Training your body to have multiple orgasms.  If you can stop yourself mid-stream from going to the bathroom, the muscle control you need to help have multiple orgasms is working well enough for you to try having multiple orgasms. When you are in the middle of being sexual and feel like you are getting close to having an orgasm, stop yourself. Try to distract yourself just enough to not actually release. Continue doing what you were doing to get so aroused. Your girlfriend will probably be more then willing to work with you so you both can heavily enjoy yourself. Keep going again, until you are getting ready to reach orgasm and stop. Some guys may not be able to do this. This does take a lot of control. But if you do, you and your girlfriend or wife will have incredible sex together.
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