How To Gybe Windsurf

Learning how to gybe windsurf is learning the backbone to the sport. Gybe windsurfing is all about windsurfing but this is the hardest part of windsurfing. Gybe (pronounced jibe) is a frustrating skill to learn but is the fundamental of windsurfing. Gybe windsurfing is made up of fundamental skills that can be used in gybe, attack and freestyle windsurfing. Learning gybe will assist you in mastering the boom and footwork on the wind-board. As well, learning to gybe windsurf will empower you with a solid groundwork for all around superior windsurfing.

Things you will need to learn to gybe:

  • Windsurfing board
  • Windsurfing boom and rig
  • Life vest
  • Body of water
  1. To learn how to gybe windsurf; you must first learn the core. Windsurfing is a difficult sport. Standard stationary windsurfing is not a sport; it is the infancy to the sport. For some, stationary windsurfing may be fun but it is not considering the sport in its entirety.
  2. To gybe windsurf you must master the core skills. These include, attacking, gibing and freestyle. This moves are moves that are required in any event you undertake, they are foot movement, body positioning and rig control.
  3. Movement on the board is vital to maintain motion. Windsurfing relies on water and wind to survive. Take either away and the sport slows. Keep in mind that the does not mean a windy day, rather constant motion on the water. Movement cause wind, so to gybe you must maintain this movement.
  4. To do this, you must move your feet (body position) and the rig to keep the wind or generated wind moving you forward. Sounds simple but this management is difficult and requires countless hours of practice. The Boom Shaka, for example, has you moving your hand to the front of the rig and moving over to the other side to move the rig in a 180 turn.


  • The gybe is broken in to light and heavy wind and advanced. The meaning behind all this is turning or carving. Learn foot skills and rig management and gybe will come naturally.
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