How To Hack A Warcraft 3 Map

Learning how to hack a Warcraft 3 map is really not as hard as it sounds. When you hear the word hacking it conjures up the images of people who are  glued to their keyboard and trying to break into the accounts of a bank or getting all of the personal information from many different people in order to steal their credit card numbers. That is not the case. It is really quite simple.  If you want to learn how you can do your first map hack then you have come to the right place. With this tutorial you will be up and hacking in no time.

  1. Use the unlock code you have. These will vary depended on the cheatpack you have installed. If you do not know what code to use check the "read me" file from your cheatpack download.
  2. Edit the map script in a text editor. This will usually be found in war3map.j or scripts\war3map.j.
  3. Here you will see the scripts. Find the scripts you want to alter. You can now make a wide variety of changes to your hero and map depending on what you want. Some of your options are as follows: CreateUnit() = give yourself units, CreateItem() = spawn random items every second, SetHeroStr(), SetHeroAgi(), and SetHeroInt(), = random stat increases  , QuestSetEnabled() = activate quests, EnableTrigger() = allowing you to save in single-player mode. Other hacks are out there if you read your "read me" files.
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