How To Hack A Xbox

Did you know that you can hack your Xbox? That is right whatever you do; do not toss your classic Xbox. The classic Xbox can actually be hacked and turned into an awesome UNIX based Media Center. What is even better is with all of the new software exploits out there, you will not have to break open the black box to solder in a mod chip. Yup that’s right, there is no hardcore modding involved in this hack.

You will need:

  • A classic Xbox
  • An original copy of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell game, others can be used, such as Mech Assault and 007: Agent Under Fire
  • An Action Replay Kit
  • A home network router with a free Ethernet port
  • Network cable
  • Xbox connector cables
  • Internet connection
  • A TV set
  • Exploit package
  1. Acquire the exploit package to hack your Xbox. You can get it by simply doing an internet search for it.
  2. Use WinRAR to extract the files from the exploit you downloaded. The ones you will need will be and; both are found in the RAR archive.
  3. Connect Action Replay to the USB outlet on your computer and copy those two files we mentioned in step 3 to your memory card. The two files will actually show up as game saves on your Xbox.
  4. Connect your memory card back onto your Xbox and put in Splinter Cell. Turn the Xbox and the game on. You will select "Start Game" and select "Linux" when you get to the "Available Game Saves" screen. From the next screen, select "Check Points". Do not be alarmed when the screen turns black, it will come back on with the UnleashX screen and control panel.
  5. From the control panel, select "Create Mod Backup" to backup your mod. You must backup both the C:\ and EEPROM in case something goes wrong or you may not be able to recover your console.
  6. Now select Install Softmod. This will start the process of modding your system. Whatever you do, DO NOT turn your system off during this process. Once the process is finished, power off the Xbox and eject the Splinter Cell disk. If the process went correctly you should see the UnleashX Dashboard. Congrats! You have now successfully hacked your Xbox.
  7. It is very important that you do not attempt to connect to Xbox Live at all after you have modded your Xbox. If you would like some more information, or would like to try some other cool Xbox hacks, check out other online sources such as Linux.
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