How To Half Cab On A BMX Bike

How to do a half cab on a BMX bike is a trick and name taken directly from the skateboarder’s handbook. Half cabs on a BMX bike are a quick and fluid way to turn the BMX bike around. Half cabs will com in handy during circuits too, you will find them easy to maneuver through. BMXer find themselves riding backwards for various reasons, being able to d a half cab will allow you to turn and get on to the next trick quicker. Learning how to do a half cab is simple and requires very little technique. Once fluid with the half cab they will become as natural as peddling your BMX.

BMX biking is a hell of a popular sports gaining an audience across the age spectrum. The lightweight bike with great ability and flair for tricks and showmanship is a great means of tackling your taste for excitement. Check it out if you are so inclined. It is great fun and not wildly expensive.

To do a half cab on a BMX bike, you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • Ramp to help you go backwards
  • BMX gear

How to do a half cab on a BMX bike:

  1. While rolling backwards level your peddles out. Your lead foot should be your primary foot. Stop the motion of your peddles so the are parallel. As you continue to roll backwards, you are ready for the next step.
  2. Turn your head and look over your shoulder. Either side is fine; this is entirely your preference. As this is happening, lift up on the handlebars and perform a pop or bunny hop in that direction.
  3. Your body will follow your head. In addition, as your body does this the bike will follow as well. This is best done in one fluid motion and quickly. You rill complete a one eighty quickly and be ready to ride immediately.
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