How To Handle A Break Up

Learn how to handle a break up to heal a broken heart, and move on from a hurtful love to a brighter future. Breaking up is hard on men because they are normally expected to stay strong, handle painful emotions and never break down crying. No matter who broke apart the relationship, guilt, heartbreak, sadness and strong emotions will be felt by both people. Luckily, there are coping methods that will help him learn how to handle a break up.

  1. Accept the break up. Some people cling to a false hope that the relationship will magically restore, and everything will be perfect with his love again. Avoid clinging to false hope. Face the reality that the relationship is over, and move on.
  2. Indulge in favorite pleasures. Indulging in favorite pleasures like going out with friends to drink, paint balling, catching a movie at the theater and more is one of the best ways to handle a break up. A person recovering from a break up should forget about the pain, and avoid punishing themselves. Remember, there will be greater love and life after healing from the break up.
  3. Find comfort with family and friends. Go to family and friends to find warm love and comfort. Love from family is often taken for granted during a break up, because the person suffering is focused on the pain. Friends can quickly ease the pain with joking, fun and games. Lean on friends and family, have fun with them and share love.
  4. Heal the mind and body. Jumping into a new relationship to ease the pain and loneliness is the worst mistake to make after a break up. A new relationship will mask the pain for a short amount of time, but it will not be healthy for anyone. Do not think about a new relationship, revenge on a past lover or any hateful thought. Let go of the past, and learn from the mistakes that caused the break up.
  5. Move on. Remember, everything happens for a reason. A break up is just a stepping stone on a path to happiness. Think of the break up as a lesson for a future of better love, and move on. Stay surrounded by love from family and friends, happy activities and avoid bottling emotions.
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