How To Handle Coworkers That Don’t Do Their Job

Are you a hardworking employee helplessly wondering how to handle coworkers that don't do their job? The truth is that you can't “handle” coworkers that don't do their job. But, you can change the way you allow their lack of work ethic to affect your own. Of course, you can also talk to a person of authority within your company who can personally handle coworkers that don't do their job.

  1. Report him. If sitting alongside coworkers that don't do their job is interfering with the way you do your job, you must speak with a person of authority within the company. Schedule a private meeting with your supervisor and discuss exactly which coworkers aren't pulling their weight, why you believe they are slacking off and how it is personally affecting your work ethic. He'll likely warn the employee, and if the employee continues to slack off, he'll most likely be canned or demoted.
  2. Relocate your workspace. If the slacker's desk is right beside yours, ask management to relocate your work space. There's no reason one bad apple should ruin your productivity or decrease your job satisfaction. When asking to relocate your workspace, management will likely ask why you'd like to change desks. This is a more subtle way of bringing your coworker's lack of respect for his employer's time to your supervisor's attention.
  3. Take the lead. If at all possible, jump at the opportunity of taking the lead on important projects. Once you're considered to be in a position of authority, your coworkers that don't do their jobs are likely to clean up their acts in hopes of avoiding a bad review.
  4. Have a talk with your lazy coworker. It certainly isn't your place to talk to another employee about his work ethic, or lack thereof. However, if you're good friends, talk to your coworker and ask him why his performance has been down lately. Maybe he isn't content in his current position, is looking for a new job or is hoping to get fired in order to collect unemployment. You never know what's up someone's sleeve until you ask. The comfort of knowing why may be enough to make you feel more at ease about the situation.
  5. Pick up the slack. Though it may not be the ideal situation, consider picking up the slack. If you think your supervisor is ignorant of the fact that your coworker isn't holding his own weight, you're likely mistaken. Therefore, if you pick up the slack, you may just land yourself a promotion. The management team is likely watching him very closely, and your hard work will not go unnoticed for long.

No one likes to handle coworkers that don't do their work. Unfortunately, it's all too common these days. People have become so careless in the workplace that checking news and playing games on the internet have taken precedence over actually working for their money. Implement the strategies above in order to effectively handle coworkers that don't do their jobs.

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