How To Handle Dating Gorgeous Sexy Women

If you've just met the woman of your dreams, you may be wondering how to handle dating gorgeous sexy women without losing your mind. These goddesses are a breed apart and require a little special handling. Here are a few tips for how to handle dating gorgeous sexy women.

  1. Act natural. The vast majority of gorgeous sexy women know what they look like. They don't need you complimenting them every five minutes. But, if you never compliment them at all, they may think you're playing power games or that you're the one man on the planet who isn't attracted to them. You need to exist in the happy medium. Find the right moments for honest compliments. Good moments include when she has a new hairdo, a new outfit, or when she's spent time getting ready for a big night out.
  2. Never act jealous. Except when she wants you to act jealous. Gorgeous sexy women get hit on all the time. There are always men checking them out. If you get jealous every time it happens, it will ruin your relationship. But, if you never get jealous, she may wonder whether you really care. Ignore 90 percent of the looks and lines she gets. Only react to the ten percent that really cross the line. That way, she'll know you care and think that you're protecting her honor.
  3. Don't let yourself go. There's something about you this gorgeous sexy woman likes, or she wouldn't be with you. Figure out what it is, and hang onto it for dear life. If it's your sense of humor, don't stop making her laugh. If it's your abs, don't stop doing sit ups. If it's your money, keep making it.
  4. Don't make assumptions. For some reason people assume gorgeous sexy women aren't as intelligent as dowdy ones. Don't make that mistake. If she has a brain, and you're not engaging it, you're not going to last very long.
  5. Love her. In the end, even gorgeous sexy women are just women, and they want to be loved like all other women. If you make her feel appreciated, wanted, and needed you're much more likely to keep her.
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