How To Handle A Goodnight Kiss

You're taking a girl home on your first date and are unsure how to handle a goodnight kiss. While some girls are totally game for a goodnight kiss, especially if the date went well, others don't like to kiss on the first date and may rebuff you, even if they like you. When deciding whether to go in for a goodnight kiss or not, take cues for your date's body language. If she keeps turning away from you, skip the goodnight kiss. But if she's looking at you expectantly, it's time to lean in for the kiss.

  1. Chew some gum or pop a breath mint in your mouth when you're driving your date home. Just make sure you're finished the mint or have spit out the gum before you go in for the kiss.
  2. Walk your date to her door to say goodnight. As you say goodnight to her, pay attention to her lips and eyes. If she's not into a kiss, her mouth will be pressed shut and she may refuse to look you in the eye. If she wants to kiss you, her mouth will be slightly open. She may even lean in towards you to help you out.
  3. Lean in for the kiss, but don't be too slow about it. When it comes to a goodnight kiss, you have a small window of opportunity before things get awkward or your date gets distracted. Lean forward and press your lips against hers.
  4. Be gentle as you kiss her. Don't press too hard on her lips or try to cram your tongue down her throat. Doing so could ruin your chances for a second date and possibly make you the laughingstock among her friends.
  5. Pay attention to her response to the goodnight kiss. If she's kissing you back, you're all set. Keep going until you need some air. If she freezes up or pulls away quickly, don't act embarrassed. It could just be that she's nervous or suddenly remembered she has to feed her cat. Say good night and give her a call the next day.



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