How To Handle Having Sensitive Testicles

Knowing how to handle having sensitive testicles can ease pain and daily discomfort caused from the condition. The condition can present itself to males of all ages and races. While a cure is not always found or possible, there are ways to handle the situation appropriately.

Things you'll need:

  • Cold compresses
  • Over-the-counter painkillers
  • Athletic supporter
  1. Find the cause. The first step in handling having sensitive testicles is to find the underlying cause. This typically requires a visit to your doctor. Your doctor may send you to a urologist or another medical specialist. Usually, the first part of the diagnosis is often testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia can cause this condition. Testing for cancer, kidney stones, mumps and inguinal hernia may follow as they all may cause testicle sensitivity. If the tests are all negative, the doctor will then begin to look for masses, twisted tubes and other conditions related to the sensitivities.
  2. Use cold compacts. For handling sensitive testicles, cold packs relieve the symptoms two-fold. The cooling will assist in bringing down any swelling. The relief of the swelling will reduce the sensitivity. Cold pacts or ice will also slightly numb the area. This relieves any associated pain.
  3. Take over-the-counter pain relievers. If the doctor does not prescribe other medications for handling sensitive testicles, take ibuprofen or other non-prescription pain medications. These often work as agents to not only dull the sensitivity and relieve pain, but reduce any swelling.
  4. Wear an athletic supporter. Keeping the area safe and secure assists with handling having sensitive testicles.
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