How To Handle My Ex Moving In With Her Boyfriend

Your ex has moved on and now you're wondering how to handle my ex moving in with her boyfriend. Yikes! The truth is, if she's moved in with another dude, it is time for you to move on, too. As hard as it seems, time heals all wounds.

No contact. If you are still talking to your ex and now she's living with another man, it's time to stop communicating. Any contact you have at this point is sure to be upsetting. Do you really want to hear about her new life with someone else?

Keep your distance. The best way to handle your ex moving in with her boyfriend is to keep your distance. The worst thing that can happen is you doing drive by's, hanging around and watching from afar. Not only can this behavior get you into legal trouble, it's not cool. Give your ex space and let her begin a new life with a new man.

Stay busy. While you're handling your ex moving in with her boyfriend, stay busy. Make time for friends and family. If you're ready, begin dating new women. Even when your heart is broken and you're mourning your ex, keep the focus. While life is different without her, you can carry on. Your feelings won't kill you, but mourning over an ex moving in with her boyfriend will keep you sad and stuck.

Let go. It's not good to be a stalker in order to handle your ex moving in with her boyfriend. You can make peace with the past, remember the good times, and let go. Letting go doesn't mean denying the relationship or the love you felt. It does mean that you are open to new experiences and are willing to let your ex have hers, too.

Make a last appeal. If you think she's worth it, you can make a last appeal. Sometimes women (and men) do crazy things like moving in with a new lover when they are still in love with a former partner. The truth is, she's probably moved on and happy. However, you can try handling your ex moving in with a new boyfriend by having a talk with her. Make an appeal that you remain in love with her regardless of the situation. She might reconsider and take you up on the offer.

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