How To Handplant On A Skateboard

Learning how to handplant on a skateboard may seem like an easy trick, but performing a handplant on a skateboard is far from easy. A handplant is just that, planting the hand on the ground as you skate. The dynamics of the entire handplant trick make it a complicated and dangerous trick. Learning how to handplant takes skill, balance and great awareness of your body position and the environment in which you are gripping. Learning to handplant will open the avenue for more tricks, though. Mastering the handplant on a skateboard will take some tome, so, be patient.

To handplant on a skateboard, you will need:

  • A skateboard
  • Room to skate
  • Proper safety equipment (helmet, elbow and knee pads)
  1. Find a flat and unobstructed location to skate and perform this trick. Skate forward at a slow speed. Bend down on the skateboard, maintaining your balance. If this is new to you, then you should initially practice riding your skateboard in a crouched position until you have maximum balance.
  2. Try turning in the crouched position with one hand on the ground. Be sure to turn in the direction of your hand. If you are not comfortable with this maneuver, practice until you are. Again, crouch down and turn with one hand planted on the ground.
  3. Now, with your free hand, grip the back portion of the skateboard, away from the turn. You are still in a crouched position with one hand on the ground and the opposite hand gripping the outside of the skateboard.
  4. Once you have mastered the turn with one hand on the ground and the other on the back of the skateboard, you are ready. The mechanics of the handplant are discussed here. Increase speed, place one hand on the ground, turn into that hand grab and lift the skateboard. Once you are around the turn, plant the skateboard on the ground and resume skating.
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